Jess Brohier


When I thought about Equality and what it meant to me, I thought about how proud I am to be a woman of colour, a business owner, a creative.

I thought about all the other incredible, talented, driven, hard-working, creative and passionate women in my life, and how proud they make me to call them friends and clients.

This series is for them.

Women in my local scene who choose the alternate path, who followed their passion and dream and are writing their own story. A tattooist, a graphic designer, an art event curator, an ethical clothing brand director, a DJ.

Women in industries that are often more dominated by males. I wanted to showcase a group of real women, not models, not social media influencers, not actors, who are faces of the creative scene here in Melbourne. I wanted to photograph women to be idealised for their talents, the risks they’ve taken as creatives, and the unique take on each profession they offer, as a woman.

I do believe there is a certain power in women, an honest strength and beauty that lies below the surface, and I’ve tried to capture some element of this in my series.