Sam Wong


Having lived in the international hub that is Melbourne for the past 10 years, I feel most spoilt by the vast multicultural and creative events that frequently surround me. Through pursuing my personal interests in photography, dance, music and art, I have had the privilege of meeting many talented individuals from all ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. For me, when I meet someone, I care most about what it is that they are doing and who they are in their presence. In every other way, they are otherwise equal to me.

My idea for this project is to encourage equality and self-belief without prejudice or judgement by letting people be who they truly are, and championing their individuality above all else.

The shoot features Vyktoria Draganovic the co-founder of Beaut Club, an all-welcoming and inclusive event in Melbourne that is centred around celebrating authentic self-expression, creative freedom and sexual liberation. It also features painter and performance artist Georgie Gifford.

Given the choice to style themselves, Vy and Georgie did not feel limited to only the women’s wear. Both chose to mix up male and female garments to get comfortable in. Working with their preferences and personalities, I chose to use a plain white background as the blank canvas over which the two artists could create without boundaries.